Forest-green thinking

The GDS vision


Sustainable development is one of the core values at GDS. Therefore, we deploy all effort necessary to generate wealth in our regions with concern for the environment and communities.

GDS pays close attention to its ethics of raw material supply, which is mainly ensured in two ways. First, GDS obtains its supplies mostly from private forests. Thus, GDS further stimulates the economy in the regions where its divisions operate. Secondly, GDS proudly adheres to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) (FSC C117806) certification. The FSC is an international certification and labelling system dedicated to promoting the responsible management of forests. It is active on public lands where GDS conducts its activities, and thereby ensures transparent and conscientious integrated territorial development while taking into account environmental, social and economic issues of the affected regions.

A skilled and dynamic team of engineers and forestry technicians performs the management and planning of forestry operations. By conducting its activities in accordance with the requirements of the FSC and Quebec's Department of Forest, Wildlife and Parks, and with the rigorous volume calculations of Quebec's Chief Forester, GDS demonstrates a thoughtful method of supply that guarantees the legacy of healthy forests to future generations.